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Kite Friends New Iko Center Quebra Mar - Paracuru, Brasil

In the nearby beach quebra Sea, one of the best spots in the world for the practice of kite and windsurf located less than 2 km from the pousada, is based our school kitesurfing iko center, connected to the lux pousada with the same name , created for the true passion for this sport.

With us you will be as interested, then customers and eventually you'll be friends, happy to share the feelings that you dara' this wonderful sport school, one of the three IKO centers around the brazil, used for teaching the iko methods, and therefore the maximum professionalita', especially inriferimento to student safety both on land and in water.

The courses take advantage of the best wind conditions and dates from the excursion of the tide, always in absolute safety with use of jackets of value for life jacket, carbon helmets with built-in radio, which in addition to security are a tool that greatly facilitera' the your learning, as altresi the use of short lines that will give you quickly massimaconfidenza the wing control ..... always in absolute safety!

In the same location of the school we shop!

Where you can find a wide selection of: shirts, shorts, lycra, glasses and other custom and not with our logo.

In addition, a wide range of new materials and accessories used for the kite brands:

  • Airush: wings, boards
  • ksp: wings, boards, harnesses, Lycra
  • ion: trapezes


Our staff provides down-wind. Dune- using buggy, mainly departing from taiba lagoon located upwind to our location


Indicative prices lessons

  • basic course (6 hours) 1.000 reais
  • beginner course full (about 8 hours) 1,200 reais
  • advanced course, with equipment of the customer 120 reais / h
  • During intruduzione to kite-wave (6 hours) 900 reais
  • lessons of 1 hora 150 reais / h
  • course for 2 people (1 & 1 kite instructor) 800 reais for each pupil
  • consult any offers x


  • full twin-tip 180 reais x day
  • 1/2 day 120 reais
  • kite full-wave 200 reais day
  • 1/2 day 140 reais
  • only the table t-tip 40 reais day
  • only table k-wave 60 reais day
  • trapezoid 30 reais day
  • helmet 30 reais
  • float jacket / impact 30 ReaI day
  • only complete kite 140 reais day
  • only complete kite 120 reais 1/2 day
  • for rentals of piu'giorni special prices !!!